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Brush & Palette


The winner of the March Mini Show was Maggie Cook with her painting "Summer On Grand Mesa".

Thursday, May 15, 1:00 at the Art Center, Nancee Jean Busse will demonstrate acrylic techniques for building a background and using backlighting to create a more dramatic painting. Nancee Jean Busse is an illustrator-turned-fine-artist who paints wildlife, equine, and western landscapes. She was profiled in the March issue of Southwest Art Magazine and Western Art Collector Magazine. Her paintings have also been featured in American Art Collector Magazine and the November, 2013 issue of Western Art Collector.

"I paint the things that make life worth living for me: landscapes, the natural world, and wildlife, especially birds. These things remind me that life is elegant and beautiful. Sometimes I paint simple things that feel vivid and full of life, like flowers or pets, or an image I can’t get off my mind.

I paint using acrylics, brushes, and panels or canvas. The vibrant colors and creamy textures of modern acrylic paint make me happy. Depending upon the subject matter, I either apply the paint thickly and pay close attention to each brushstroke, or use layer upon layer of thin, light-refracting glazes. My subject matter is important in determining the method with which I paint.

I paint realistically because I developed my drawing skills from an early age. Now I am exploring ways to combine my realistic style with less representational elements. I am striving to honor the beauty of the natural world within the context of my own inner vision.

I paint because I love it!

June, July, August - summer break (no meetings)

The Brush & Palette display at the Art Center gift shop is July and August.  Take one or two small paintings to the gift shop July 1st, 2nd or 3rd (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) to be displayed.

Because You Might Be Interested: Mixed Media Exhibit

Who: Any local artist in Mesa County may apply
What: Mixed Media Exhibit
When: Drop off is June 30, 2014, 9:30 am / Art Commission will install "
Where: Two Rivers Convention Center
How to submit: Email up to 2 jpg submissions to,
DEADLINE is May 26@ 5:00 pm, Artists will be notified by June 6 of acceptance by the Arts Commission
Dates of exhibit: June 30 – December 31, 2014
Types of work: Any Mixed Media that can be hung on the wall. Larger scale pieces are ideal, however any size will be considered.
Benefits: Free exhibit space, NO Commission, long exposure time to many groups utilizing Two Rivers Convention Center, lots of out of town visit


Board Members
President – Katie Hill 241-0410
Vice President – Elise Lind 433-4180
Secretary – Darcy Johnson 303 579-0127
Treasurer – Pat Richey 256-7777
Member Show – Linda Dembitsky 778-0321
Workshops – Bob Martin 242-9010
Programs – Vangie Hansen 985-5496
Newsletter/Publicist – open position
Membership Book Publisher - Darcy Johnson and Elise Lind
The Board of Directors serve as volunteers promoting the mission of the Brush & Palette club.