Welcome to the Grand Junction Brush & Palette Club

The Brush & Palette Club meets on the third Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the Art Center, 7th & Orchard, Grand Junction, CO. The meeting starts with a short discussion on club events and member voting on the mini-show (club members are asked to bring a recently completed painting for the show). It is followed by a program at 1:30.

All meetings, workshops, and demonstrations are open to the public. Members receive a discount for paid events.

Keep on painting!

Brush and Palette Club Member Artwork
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Past presidents from left to right: Lois Lampert, Pat Blackburn,  Helen Stenmark and Mary Sue Bonds.

presidents pic

December 21 – expanded mini show

The December meeting at the art center will have lots of food provided by the board, an expanded mini-show with six, $10 awards (everyone votes for their six favorite artworks), and member helpful critiques by fellow painters.

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December B&P mini-show, food, critiques

Congratulations to all the participants in the December mini-show including: Sharon Hutchings, Geri Harris, Raechel Kolb, Emilie Olbert, Linda Dembitsky, Judi Roberts, Helen Stenmark, Emmi Stark, Brooks Powell, and Trudy Ungaro. Thanks to everyone for helping with the...

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