Welcome to the Grand Junction Brush & Palette Club

The Brush & Palette Club meets on the third Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m. at the Art Center, 7th & Orchard, Grand Junction, CO. The meeting starts with a short discussion on club events and member voting on the mini-show (club members are asked to bring a recently completed painting for the show). It is followed by a program at 1:30.

All meetings, workshops, and demonstrations are open to the public. Members receive a discount for paid events.

Keep on painting!

Brush and Palette Club Member Artwork

presidents pic

B&P Members: Helen Stenmark and Linda Dembitsky. Artwork by Connie Syas at Lincoln Park barn.

May 20, Janice Kiehl, gourd painting

Reach out for inspiration and learn something new, how to create beautiful art on Nature's Canvas: a hard shelled gourd. Unlike their fall cousins, the soft shelled ornamental gourds, hard shelled gourds, once dehydrated properly, develop a wood-like outer shell. This...

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Paint/Draw at Michaels

The Brush and Palette Club has reserved the classroom at Michaels every Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, Michaels has closed their classroom until further notice to help stop the spread of covid 19.

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Terrie Lombardi Workshop Notes

What does a judge look for in a painting? “Composition” – stay out of the center“Shapes” – shapes are unique and different“Lines”  – lead you through a painting“Edges”  – hard to soft; soft edges around the outside and harder in the interior and at...

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Nancy’s Post: Jac Kephart Workshop

Jac Kephart provided a two day workshop over January 23 and 24 to a packed gallery of 18 eager participants (sponsored by the Grand Junction Brush & Palette Group). As Bob Martin said, "He is one of the most benevolent artists I have encountered," and never were...

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