Brush and palette program

Our monthly demonstration programs are designed to be interesting and educational, in a wide variety of media and techniques: including watermedia, oil, pastels and more. You are invited to attend our monthly art demonstrations/meetings which are held on the third Thursday of the month (no meetings in the summer months of June, July and August) at 1:00 at the Art Center in Grand Junction.

Our mission

  • Encourage within Grand Junction Colorado and surrounding communities an appreciation of fine art
  • Provide members with opportunities to learn from other members, as well as from leading fine art professionals
  • Offer opportunities for members to benefit from interaction and friendship with other artists
  • Provide members with timely information about fine art activities and events within the community
  • Mount exhibitions of members two dimensional work
  • Support, whenever feasible, the Western Colorado Center for the Arts

Board of directors

  • President – Emilie Olbert 523-1106 emiliedon@yahoo.com
  • Vice President – Trudy Ungaro 241-3985
  • Secretary – Helen Stenmark  970-241-8958 stenmarkhelen@gmail.com
  • Treasurer – Linda Dembitsky 778-0321 alcoveoffice@gmail.com
  • Show Chair – Cate Allen  314-4056  grntclza@outlook.com (with help from Linda and Elise)
  • Workshop Director – Bob Martin 242-9010 bobarttwo@yahoo.com
  • Program Director – Connie Syas  523-5283  zxcv894@yahoo.com
  • Website/Newsletter – Elise Lind 697-9718 eliselind10@gmail.com
  • Website – Elise Lind and Paula ODonnell
  • Membership Book Publisher – Elise Lind eliselind10@gmail.com

Past presidents from left to right: Lois Lampert, Pat Blackburn, Helen Stenmark and Mary Sue Bonds.