Cathy Allen

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Cate Allen finds herself drawing from a diverse pool of experiences when she starts a new painting. She lived in New Mexico and Arizona for thirteen years and worked with several Native American tribes. Cate and her family were often invited to special events and she collected art, jewelry, and pottery. Her family was also active in rodeo over the years and she loves seeing the world from the saddle. Being in law enforcement took her into the wild as a Colorado State Parks Ranger and more recently as a Reserve Deputy Marshal. For many years she was in the ski industry as a trainer and ski school director. Her paintings are as diverse in subject as her history. The constants are bright, bold colors, and a viewers perspective, revealing a story within that, hopefully, everyone can connect with.

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Cathy E. (Cate) Allen

Address: P.O. Box 23131
Glade Park, CO 81523

Phone:  970-434-7746