The Grand Junction Brush and Palette Club offers demonstrations and one or two-day workshops throughout the club year. Local artists teach a variety of skills including, composition, technique with varied media. Everyone is welcome. Costs vary. Members receive a discount. Check back often for updates.

September 21 – Cindy Brabec-King

Nationally known and recognized watercolor artist, Cindy Brabec-King, has been painting watercolors for over 30 years. She is currently a signature or a sustaining member to many state and national societies including, NWS signature member, TWSA signature member, AWS...

October 19 – Susan Claffey, Lee Borden and Robbie Breaux

Art history, Brush and Palette Club history, and the art center. During the Brush and Palette Club 70th annual Fine Art Show, we will have an update from Lee Borden on future, pie in the sky, plans for the art center; a Brush and Palette Club history with Robbie...

December 21 – expanded mini show

The December meeting at the art center will have lots of food provided by the board, an expanded mini-show with six, $10 awards (everyone votes for their six favorite artworks), and member helpful critiques by fellow painters.

Past Meetings

Below please find reviews of past meetings with photos, including demonstrations and mini show winners.

October Meeting & Mini Show Winner

After a nice summer break, Brush and Palette Club meetings started again in October with a demonstration by Tesha Hammonds, who is an expert painter of horses. She has spent many years drawing and painting horses, and for this meeting, she showed us how she first...