Cassie Gobbo has had a difficult and interesting life, and she has used art as her self-motivation, escape, and growth therapy. This passion for art led her to get her BA in Media Arts and Animation in 2009. Since then she has worked professionally as an award winning artist and art teacher. She is the owner of DeadOn Studios, a multimedia studio in Grand Junction. She teaches drawing as an emotional outlet, stopmotion animation, manga for teens, and artful animals and super heroes (everyday hero) to teach self-esteem.

What can one hope to gain from her demo? Cassie will go over her inspiration sources, and the techniques she uses to create her mixed media gallery art. Materials she uses are marker paper, tape, a drawing board, pigment liner, colored pencils, acrylic paint, prisma markers, and rubbing alcohol. You as an artist might find inspiration through the subject matter, or you might find ways to use her techniques in your own art. Finding inspiration from our own lives and turning it into a beautiful piece of work is breathtaking. Come join Cassie on this newly created piece. The outcome is just as unpredictable as the mixed media she plans to use.