Art Blom was born and raised in Idaho. He received a BFA from Boise State College and then went on to receive an MFA from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Following graduation he became an assistant professor and head of the sculpture program at Grand Valley State Colleges in Allendale, Michigan. His teaching experiences include other fine art classes at Hope University in Holland, Michigan; the Community College of Denver; graduate teaching at Ohio State; high schools, private classes, and intern study. He has been a recipient of many awards and honors and has been selected as a featured artist in several programs throughout his career.

After moving from the Midwest to Colorado in the 1980’s, Art became interested in two-dimensional art works of nontraditional objectivity and technique. Still very much a sculptor, he embarked on an extensive series of detailed drawings and paintings having to do surface texture and color. At the same time he worked as a guide at a remote wilderness lodge which rekindled his fondness for the outdoors. He also switched from painting in acrylic to oil and swapped his brushes for a palette knife, and soon discovered new avenues of expression and abundant artistic freedom. His skillful application of paint, saturated with color, depicts much more than a traditional landscape might. Close examination of his paintings show fluid surfaces and reveal great and small wonders of color and texture within the overall whole of the painting.

At the B&P meeting, Art will demonstrate how he uses a palette knife and oil paint to create wonderfully textured and colorful paintings. Hope to see you there.