Fine Arts Show 2015 Prizes

Best of Show

Best of Show Bev O'Neal-Simplicity

Best of Show: Simplicity ( Bev ONeil)


2015 Dave Cook Memorial Award


2015 Dave Cook Memorial Award

2015 Dave Cook Memorial Award: Brooklyn Sunrise (Emilie Olbert)


Category: Professional


1st Place Professional

1st Place Professional: Red Blanket (Ron Henry)


Working the Fields Prof. 2nd Place

2nd Place Professional: Working in the Lavender the Fields (Nancy Lewis)


Rebecca's Sunflowers

3rd Place P4rofessional: Rebecca’s Sunflowers (Nancy Martin)


Honorable Mention Professional Freya Hite

Honorable Mention Professional : Restless Nude (Freya Hite)


Category: Advanced



1st Place Advanced: Flash (Rachel Bailey Kolb)


Above it All - Advanced 3rd Place, Jerry McClesky

Advanced 3rd Place: Above it All  (Jerry McClaskey)


Flower Power HMention Advanced

Advanced Honorable Mention:  Flower Power  (Katheryn McBride )

Category: Amateur

Window Dressing Amateur Karen Daugherty

1st Place Amateur: Window Dressing  (Karen Daugherty)


Amateur 2nd Place

2nd Place Amateur: Once in a Blue Moose (Paula ODonnell)


Blue Door #2

3rd Place Amateur: Blue Door #2 (Victoria Bianchi)


A Dandy Lunch Honorable Mention Amateur

Amateur Honorable Mention: A Dandy Lunch (Paula ODonnell)