Do you have questions about how to use color in a painting? About mixing paint? About the color wheel and how to use it? At the May 17 meeting, Anne Maurer will answer your questions and share her knowledge about using paint color.

When Anne Maurer paints, she reaches out to the viewer with a story, an impression, an image, a memory or an experience. She focuses on the beauty and mystery of a subject and responds back by painting it. She paints the world around her in all its glorious shapes and colors. She loves color. Anne uses watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, and colored pencil with a rich and varied palette, because color is limitless. She uses color, form, light, shadow, and composition in a representational way to complete a unified whole.

As a child Anne always drew and painted. She carried a box of crayons with her wherever she went. She work in pastel from the age of seve, and made her first serious painting at fifteen. Ann is a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, the Grand Junction Brush and Palette Club, and the Western Colorado Watercolor Society. Her B.A. and A.A. are in studio art. Examples of her work on her website: