Member List

First NameLast NameMediaWebsite
Jody Ahrens oil https:/
Gretchen Aldrich
Cate Allen mixed_media, watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache
Carolyn Andres
Gail Austin watercolor, oil
P Maure Bausch water color & acrylics
Betty Bechtel mixed_media, oil, pastel, acrylic
Pat Blackburn watercolor, collage
Amber Bradley oil
Jan Burch watercolor
Jane Chandler Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel WWW:/
Robin Chaney
Gary Clapp watercolor, brush and ink on Chinese/Japanese papers
Dixie Cloyd oils and acrylics
Maggie Cook oil, pastel
Kay Crane oil
Claudia Crowell oil, pastel
Julia Davis pastels
Michael Davis watercolor
Linda Dembitsky oil
Jan Dotson oil
Glenn Fortner oil
Jera Gross watercolor
Wendy Haegar watercolor, oil
Carol Hanson watercolor
Heidi Heitz acrylic/watercolor
Gayle Huddleston watercolor
Sharon Hutchings watercolor
Darcy Johnson watercolor
Melissa Jones acrylic
Carla Kohls Oil, water,ink
Raechel Bailey Kolb watercolor, oil, pencil, acrylic
Mary Kollman mixed_media, oil
Nancy Lewis oil
Elise Lind oil
Bob Martin oil
Kathy Martin oil, pastel acrylic
Anne Maurer Acrylic watercolor, oil Anne's art
Kathryn McBride oil
Connie McDowell Acrylic paint
Russell Mendelson oil
Nancy Rae Mitisek watercolor
Karen Moore oil, watercolor
Robin Moreng watercolor
Carole Moritz all media
David Mosier watercolor, oil
Susan Newcomer
Emilie Olbert oil
Linda Paige acrylic, alcohol ink, gourd art
Penny Pallister colored pencil
lynn pavelka-zarkesh mixed
Sharon Pike oil, w/c, acrylic
Brooks Woollcott Powell oil
Kathleen Purtill watercolor
Judi Roberts watercolor
Linda L Rybak watercolor, pencil, colored pencil
Doris Schlichter Acrylic
Adel Scholtz watercolor, oil, acrylic
Ailene Springer acrylic, watercolor, want to learn oil
Emmi Starks oil, pastel
Helen Stenmark watercolor
Connie Syas watercolor, acrylic
Trudy Ungaro watercolor
Lenna Watson
Lillian Wyant oil
Katherine Zartman acrylic
Jeanne Zschaechner watercolor, acrylics