Jody Ahrens is an experimental artist. Her current abstracted landscape paintings frequently start with plein air oil studies or photographs that focus on capturing a feeling or mood. In the studio, she uses colored pencils to convert the traditional landscape objects into geometric shapes, and identify the underlying abstract design. On a larger hardboard panel, she blocks in the shapes and works back and forth between strengthening the darks, establishing the lights, and capturing the feeling that drew her to the subject. She uses painting knives, rubber color shapers, and any other object at hand that serves the end goal. Most important to Jody’s process is being sensitive to the evolving work, and recognizing unplanned developments that can result in a superior piece.

Jody has been immersed in art as long as she can remember. Both her parents were accomplished painters who nurtured her art endeavors. She found the freedom of abstract expression while attending the California Institute of the Arts. Jody’s goal is to offer collectors a delightful escape into the depths of her paintings. There is always a place for the viewer to go, a tempting path to explore, a shady woods just across the meadow, or a pond to rest by. By engaging your imagination, these works will always remain fascinating.

In this demonstration, Jody will show us the power of the transparent oil colors that are already in your paint box. By gaining a full understanding of the many nuances that transparent colors offer, you can expand your painting options, and add a dimension of elegance to finished work.

Jody will show you how simple transparent colors are to control; whether you use them as a stand alone alla prima painting technique, as a corrective measure on old or new dry work, or as a combination with your current technique. Hope to see you there.