Art Show Winners

2021 B&P Art Exhibit Winners

Thank you to everyone who exhbited in the show

Ribbon sponsors for the 74th annual B&P Fine Art Show are:

Phil and Melissa Jones, The Club at Redlands Mesa, Frame Depot, Enstrom Candies, Atomic Framing, Eclectic Home, Cate Allen Design, Blue Sage Books

Thank you Art Blom for a great job of judging and teaching.

Best of Show: Sharon Hutchins

Professional Category Winners:

1st place Nancy Lewis

2nd place Emilie Olbert

3rd place Lillian Wyant

Honorable Mention Russ Mendelson

Advanced Category Winners:

1st place Joan Engler

2nd place Ashley Little

3rd place Wendy Haeger

Honorable Mention Gayle Huddleston

Amateur Category Winners:

1st place Kylie Williams

2nd place Betsy Greslin

3rd place Carla Kohls

Honorable Mention Doris Schlichter



2020 B&P Art Exhibit Winners

Thank you to everyone who exhibited in the show

Ribbon sponsors for the 73rd annual B&P Fine Art Show are;

Phil and Melissa Jones, The Club at Redlands Mesa, DeeDee Hansen-Simpson and Associates Realtors, MBR, Atomic Framing, Frame Depot, Blue Sage Books, Eclectic Home, Julia Davis, Cate Allen

Judged by Ajay Gustafson

Best of Show                  Connie Syas, Behind the Curtain

1st Place Pro                  Jane Lee, Beach Scene

2nd Place Pro                Elise Lind, Zia

3rd Place Pro                 Gary Clapp, Coastal Storm

Honorable Mention      Penny Pallister, The Wise One

1st Place Advanced       Robert LaRose, Avalanche Lily Glade

2nd Place Advanced      Emmi Starks, Fall Splendor

3rd Place Advanced       Cate Allen, Juniper Berry

Honorable Mention        Lee Paige, Big Hat Gal

1st Place Amateur           Judy Panozzo, Spirit Guide

2nd Place Amateur         Carla Kohls, Beginning

3rd Place Amateur          Carla Kohls, The Cabin

Honorable Mention         Jan Dotson, Following the Fish



2019 B&P Art Exhibit

Thank you to all the exhibitors for a great 2019 Fine Art Show

Sponsors: Phil and Melissa Jones, Good Shepherd Flooring, Enstrom Toffee and Confectionery, Carol Hanson Weckerly, DeeDee Hansen and Associates Realty, Linda Dembitsky, Michael Davis, Cate Allen, and gift certificates from The Great Frame-Up and Atomic Framing

Legacy Ribbon purchasers, Helen Stenmark, Cate Allen, and Kevin Red Star Studios, and award winners, Emmi Stark and Trudy Ungaro.

Judged by Cynthia Duff

Thank you show chairman, Michael Davis, and Treasurer Linda Dembitsky for all your hard work.


Best of Show:                   The Cat and the Lamp, Sharon Hutchings


1st place                            Cambre, Michael Davis

2nd place                           Fields of Gold, Mary Kollman

3rd place                            Landscape Irrigated, Elise Lind

Honorable Mention          Powderhorn, Wilda Fortune


1st place                             The Cat and the Lamp, Sharon Hutchings

2nd place                            Renovation, Amber Whiting Bradley

3rd place                             Chicadees, Dee Sapper

Honorable Mention           Canyons 1, Melissa Jones


1st place                               Searching the Horizon, Lee Paige

2nd place                             Cowboy, Richard Wilcox

3rd place                             Natural Illusion, Jeanne Zschaechner

Honorable Mention           The Blue River, Ashley Little



2018 B&P Art Exhibit

Thanks to all the exhibitors for a great 2018 B&P Fine Art Show.

Sponsors:  Phil and Melissa Jones, DeeDee Hansen with Metro Brokers Realty, Enstrom Toffee and Confectionery, Rose Hue Gallery, Chow Down in Fruita, Cate Allen, The Great Frame Up on Main Street, Atomic Framing

Legacy Ribbons for: Kevin Red Star Studios, Richard Stenmark, Steve Morley, Wendy Harris Augustine, David Syas, susan Moyer, Galen Helmke. Thank you Cate Allen, Helen Stenmark, Elise Lind and B&P, Geri Harris, Connie Syas, Penny Pallister, Elise Andersen.

Judged by Terrie Lombardi

Thank you show committee, Linda Dembitsky, Paula ODonnell, Elise Lind, and volunteers; Nancy Lewis, Meg Ingraham, Emilie Olbert, Dave Mosier, Cate Allen, Bob Martin, Jody Ahrens, Sandra June, Jan Dotson

Best of Show:                 Elise Lind – Canyon Brush

1st Place                              Nancy Martin – Serendipity
2nd Place                             Jody Ahrens – Dalton Springs
3rd Place                             Brooks Powell – Still Meadow
Honorable Mention             Lynn Pavelka – Vines

1st Place                               Jane Chandler – At The Stables
2nd Place                              Carol Weckerly – Untitled portrait
3rd Place                               Emmi Starks – The Last Apples
Honorable Mention             Gail Austin – Monument Valley

1st Place                                Melissa Jones – Fall Fireworks I
2nd Place                               Jeanne Azchaechner – Night Eyes
3rd Place                                Alice Davenport – The Street Vendor
Honorable Mention              Linda Paige – Reflection


2017 B&P Art Exhibit

Thanks to all the exhibitors for a great 2017 B&P Fine Art Show.


Judged by Susan Jandries-Claffey

Thank you show committee, Cate Allen, Linda Dembitsky, Elise Lind, and volunteers; Connie Syas, Dave Mosier, Anna Tewes, Trudy Ungaro, Paula ODonnell, and host Emilie Olbert

Best of Show:                 Jody Ahrens – WADING POOLS

1st Place                              Kay Crane – Cherries!
2nd Place                             Dave Mosier – Foggy Fall Morning
3rd Place                              Rachael Bailey Kolb – Vanilla Sky
Honorable Mention            Russell Mendelson – Going In

1st Place                               Kathryn McBride – The Path
2nd Place                              Emilie Olbert – Canadian Rockies
3rd Place                               Trudy Ungaro – Fall in the Canyon
Honorable Mention             Robin Moreng – Found It

1st Place                                Sandy Boyd – Larkspur Meadow
2nd Place                               Lee Paige – Sees the Enemy
3rd Place                                Betsy Greslin – Cold Shivers Point #2
Honorable Mention              Paula O’Donnell Moon Over Three Bells Mission

Thank you Legacy Ribbon purchasers:  Linda Dembitsky, Elise Anderson, Kevin Red Star, Geri Harris

Congratulations Legacy Ribbon winners: Michael Davis, Lost Horse Mill; Pat Stelter, Red Rock Panorama; Brooks Powell, Rainbow Rock; Bob Martin, Mesa Lakes; Maggie Cook, Weathered Stone; Lise MacGregor, Good Morning sun; Sharon Hutchins, Happy Hour


2016 B&P Art Exhibit

Thanks to all the exhibitors for a great 2016 B&P Fine Art Show.



Thank you show committee, Cate Allen, Linda Dembitsky, Elise Lind, and volunteers; Connie Syas, Heather and Charles Carson, Judi Roberts, Paula ODonnell, Jim Brush, and host Trudy Ungaro

Best of Show:                 Dave Mosier – IN MY CRAFT or SULLEN ART

1st Place                                Brooks Powell – THE MARMAC AND THE MONITOR
2nd Place                               Ron Henry – A SACRED PLACE
3rd Place                                Arlene Law – FIRST SNOW – NOGO
Honorable Mention             Lise MacGregor – GOLDEN GLOW

1st Place                                 Elise Lind – CERRO SUMMIT
2nd Place                               Gail Austin – LIGHT AND LIFE
3rd Place                                Emmi Starks – SISTERS
Honorable Mention             Carolyn Andres – SUNSET IN NEW MEXICO

1st Place                                Cynthia Grover – JOY
2nd Place                              Victoria Bianchi – LAVENDER FIELD #2
3rd Place                               Paula ODonnell – DOTS A MORAY
Honorable Mention              Paula ODonnell – THE TENTACLE COLLECTION

Thank you Legacy Ribbon purchasers: Nancy McCarroll, Maggie Cook, Darcy Johnson, Roxanne Yates, Helen Stenmark, Elise Lind, Catherine Burkey, Tim Brady, Cate Allen and Jim Brush, Elise Anderson, Kathryn Kylin, Linda Dembitsky

Congratulations Legacy Ribbon winners: Sharon Hutchings (Tulip Tempest), Nancy Lewis (Hanging Out on the Brink), Nancy Martin (Temerity), Jim Brock (Iced Aspen), Ron Henry (Full Throttle), Paula ODonnell (The Tentacle Collection), Adel Scholtz (Iris in White), Kathryn McBride (Fir and Fall), Pat Stelter (Gold Rush), Joyce Lee Peterson (Mt Sneffels), Yvette Campbell (Emerging from Darkness), Pat Stelter (Until Tomorrow), Portia Griefenbert (Crawford’s Guardian)


2015 B&P Art Exhibit

Congratulations exhibitors for a great 2015 B&P Art Exhibit.
Sponsored by ALPINE BANK and Judged by GEORGE CALLISON
Thank you Show Chair, Linda Dembitsky, and volunteers; Bob Martin, Ann Chambers, Bev O’Neil, Helen Stenmark, Cate Allen, Dave Mosier, Leagan McGee, Katie Hill

Best of Show:                  Bev ONeil   SIMPLICITY

1st Place                             Ron Henry   THE RED BLANKET
2nd Place                           Nancy Lewis   WORKING IN THE LAVENDER FIELDS
3rd Place                            Nancy Martin   REBECCA’S SUNFLOWERS
Honorable Mention          Freya Hite   RESTLESS NUDE

1st Place                             Rachel Bailey Kolb  FLASH
2nd Place                           Levi Law  GRASP
3rd Place                            Jerry McClaskey   ABOVE IT ALL
Honorable Mention         Katheryn McBride   FLOWER POWER

1st Place                             Karen Daugherty   WINDOW DRESSING
2nd Place                           Paula ODonnell   ONCE IN A BLUE MOOSE
3rd Place                            Victoria Bianchi   BLUE DOOR #2
Honorable Mention         Paula ODonnell   A DANDY LUNCH

Dave Cook Memorial Award winner Emilie Olbert  BROOKLYN SUNSET


2014 B&P Art Exhibit

Congratulations exhibitors for a great 2014 B&P Art Exhibit.
Sponsored by ALPINE BANK and Judged by JAC KEPHART
Thank you Show Chair, Linda Dembitsky, and volunteers, Helen Miller
Amanda Schuster, Bev O’Neil, Helen Stenmark, Cate Allen, Dave Mosier

Best of Show:              EYE OF EQUUS   Penny Pallister

1st Place                             OLD GRAND MESA ROAD   Jody Ahrens
2nd Place                           LAURIE’S SUNSET    Lise MacGregor
3rd Place                            CLOSER TO THE LIGHT    Mary Kollman
Honorable Mention         MOONSTORM     Jim Brock

1st Place                             EYE OF EQUUS    Penny Pallister
2nd Place                           SUNFLOWER III    Penny Pallister
3rd Place                            SUMMER STROLL    Katherine McBride
Honorable Mention        SMOOTH FLIGHT   Katherine Zartman

1st Place                             JASMIN    Nancy Mitisek
2nd Place                          DELICIOUS    Marian Miller
3rd Place                           SPRINGTIME BALDY MTN   Emilie Olbert
Honorable Mention        AMARYLLIS SUNSHINE   Carol Butler

2021 B&P Art Work Winners

Best of Show: Sharon Hutchins, Old Man Of The Sea

Professional, 1st Place: Nancy Lewis, Mesa Magic

Professional, 2nd Place: Emilie Olbert, Beaver Dam

Professional, 3rd Place: Lillian Wyant, Canyon Light

Professional Honorable Mention: Russ Mendelson, Little Sunshine

Advanced 1st: Joan Engler, Lake Christine Fire

Advanced, 2nd Place: Ashley Little, Sunlit Cliffs

Advanced, 3rd Place: Wendy Haeger, Canyon Glow

Advanced, Honorable Mention: Linda Huddleston, Happy in Hawaii

Amateur, 1st Place: Kylie Williams, Jelly Explorations

Amateur, 2nd Place: Betsy Greslin, Sulfur Creek

Amateur, 3rd Place: Carla Kohl’s, Lazy Days

Amateur, Honorable Mention: Doris Schlichter, Bend of the River