Terrie Lombardi was born and raised in Denver, and has been painting for nearly three decades. She has studied with many exceptional fine artists including: Quang Ho, Kang Cho, Albert Handell, Michelle Torrez, Lorenzo Chavez, Doug Dawson, Desmond O’Hagen, and Kevin Weckbach. She is fueled by beauty and vibrancy, and her art is an expression of her love for nature. She paints how and what she feels and sees, and her goal in a painting is to create an image that beckons the observer to step closer, to see the beauty and expressive use of rich color that flows throughout the work.

Terrie’s workshops, open to students of all levels, are inspirational, fun and relaxed. She has developed her own vision, application, and technique of creating underpaintings prior to adding layers, which results in a beautiful and rich painting with expressive use of color and value. Painting from a floral still life, participants in Terrie’s workshop will learn her simple formula for completing a painting using the elements of line, shape, texture, composition, value, color, layers, edges and finishing, all working together in harmony. Terrie will demonstrate in oil, or pastel; however, participants are encouraged to bring the medium they like to work in. You’ll have a blast!

To see Terrie’s artwork, please go to her website @ terrielombardi@comcast.net

To register for this workshop, send a check, $185 (B&P members) or $210 (B&P non-members) to: Grand Junction Brush and Palette Club, P.O. Box 3632, Grand Junction, CO 81503. Please indicate Terrie Lombardi workshop on the check.

For more information email: eliselind10@gmail.com or alcoveoffice@gmail.com, or call Elise @ 970-270-0951